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We cultivate enriched humanities required for medical professionals.

In Japan, we provide world-class cutting-edge medical care. Medical Science will further advance at a rapid pace. Since medical care has to be provided based on scientific evidence, we need to acquire the same level of knowledge and technology.

However, medical science is not perfect. We cannot prevent or cure all kinds of diseases. You may get sick even if you lead a healthy lifestyle. Early diagnosis does not always assure a complete recovery.

We have to face this circumstance with our patients. Thus, we need to have the kindness, consideration, preparation, and qualification as medical professionals.

Therefore, Nihon Institute of Medical Science (NIMS) provides knowledge and technology based on scientific evidence and cultivates humanities based on the tradition of its predecessor, Josai College of Medical Arts and Sciences.

We support students to acquire not only knowledge and technology in response to the demands of the times but also enriched humanities during the four years at NIMS.


Hiroaki Shindo, President/Doctor of Medical Science